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Nursery Fee Collection

Payment Process

Kiddi Galore likes to make the process of Nursery and Club fee payments as painless as possible and by what we mean by this is that we deal with all the payment process from start to finish.


Kiddi Galore uses a direct debit system that allows us to manage the payments and takes the headache away from the parents.


How we do this is broken down into 2 sections, one is for the nursery and one is for the clubs:

Paying Nursery Fees

There are many ways to pay nursery fees but the main focus of fees for the nursery is that we collect fees by direct debit.  Kiddi Galore use a direct debit collection company and all Nursery fees are collected on or near the 1st of each month.


In the days before your child starts at the setting you will receive a nursery contract for you to sign and return and in this contract it will tell you how much your booked nursery sessions will be each month. This is how much your direct debit will be set up for. How this is set up will be discussed with the Setting Management Team during your child’s settling sessions.


If there is a change to your child’s sessions on a permanent basis your direct debit will be amended to reflect the change in the next month.

If there is a change to one month for just additional hours and sessions and those not being a permanent change then any additional balances will be collected on the 1st of the following month.


All permanent changes made by Kiddi Galore Nursery will be notified to you separately.


Kiddi Galore is still able to receive payments from all of the following and these are just a few ways for payments to be made:


Childcare Vouchers

College funds

Care to Learn

Bursar Payments from Universities  


Please ask the Setting Management Team for more details on ways to pay.


Please be aware that Kiddi Galore is no longer able to accept payment by cheque.

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