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Peter Pan & Tinkerbell Room

Typical Day Routine


Hello, we are Laura and Jane who are the Practitioners we work with the Peter Pan and the Tinkerbells. This group of children are aged from walking and stable on their feet to about 2 years old. The children who attend this room keep us fit and ready for all the challenges that they provide.


We work hard getting to know all the children within our care and this age group love to cook especially making cakes and biscuits, they also like make cheese straws which if you’re lucky may sometimes make their way home or the journey home at least!


We offer a range of mark making tools for the children so that they can express their ideas including a wall hung chalk board.

As with all age groups of children they need a moment to rest and we provide them with a cosy corner and a sleep routine so that they can rest or just have some quiet time this allows them to recharge and be ready for the next activity.


We have many story times during our week and lots of singing we encourage all children to have a voice and join in and even play the odd musical instrument.


As this age group are up and on their feet we use the time to get outside into our wonderful garden and we also go out into the local community to see all the delights that this area has to offer.


We look forward to meeting you x

This age group of children love to copy the people they come into contact with whether that be at home or in the shops or even the dentist, so we do lots of role play and make believe, they especially like their wooden house which can also be a shop or a post office or whatever their imagination expresses.

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