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Typical Day Routine

Hello, we are Annie and Alice we are the Practitioners who work with the Pre School children. This group of children are aged between 3 and 4 years old.


The Pre School, is based in a large log cabin within the grounds of the nursey. The children within our group are being prepared for the journey to school.


Within the Pre School we build relationships not only with the children within our care but also with all the authorities that are there ready to assist children with all of their needs. Our visitors consist of the infant and primary school teachers within the local area and the Health Visitors and special educational needs teachers who also form part of the preparation for children going to school.


On a daily basis the children are taught phonics, letters and sounds, they are taught personal hygiene. We also support them with the building of relationships with other children.

Within the Pre School we use name recognition so that they children learn where to hang their bag and coat or which piece of art work is theirs to show their parents.


This is just a very short overview of what we do in the Pre School but please feel free to talk to one of us and we will be able to provide more information.  


Thank you

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Phonics is about the sounds of the word and the objects that can be related to that sound, such as “a” for ant. Phonics is part of their everyday within the preschool and this is just one small step of preparation for their journey to school.


We use a wide variety of resources so that the children can develop whilst exploring and creating. We teach the children a lot through play and make believe.


The Pre School children are able to make choices through their day and are actively encouraged to do so even when deciding on their snacks.